About Liyeh

Business Concept


Business Concept

Liyeh Trading was established in 1964.  We specialize in importing and selling food additives and we are the sole agent of Takasago International Corporation and DKS Co. Ltd. In 1980, Takasago International Corporation decided to invest in Liyeh Trading due to our outstanding sales performance.

Liyeh Trading’s customers include numerous local and international manufacturers who make products such as beverages, snacks, instant noodles, ready-to-eat foods, alcoholic beverages, health foods, skincare, and daily essentials.

We aim to improve the quality of people’s life not only by providing the customers with top-quality services, but also top-quality products with reasonable prices.  We act as the bridge between various suppliers and buyers by providing the best food additives and raw materials in order to ensure the food safety of our customer’s products.  We also aim to help our customers enhance their competitiveness through our professional and technical support and services.


Liyeh Trading was established in Taipei and specialized in the import and sales of food additives.
Liyeh Trading became the sole agent of Takasago International Corporation.

Liyeh Trading became the sole agent of DKS Co. Ltd. and started selling food additives-related products.

Takasago International Corporation invested in Liyeh Trading.

Bought warehouse in Wugu district (New Taipei City) to ensure product safety.

Allcome International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established and its food division was meant to serve the Taiwanese customers who were based in China.
Liyeh Trading established a laboratory within the headquarter in Taipei.

Bought a second warehouse in Wugu district (New Taipei City).


Rippa Food Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in order to serve more customers by providing them with more variations of food additives, seasonings and baking mixes.


Rippa Food factory completed and production started